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This is an interesting article and points out a few of the things that I have noticed in society.

I will say that I do wear a bra with foam, but the purpose is actually to protect my nipples (not protect others from my nipples) and breasts in general. You see, I have cats and cats have claws. Cats like to take those claws and climb on my chest and dig their claws in to my shirt. 

Prior to my recent find of a very comfortable padded bra, I was constantly having to defend myself or yelping as Captain Fluffy nailed me in the aereola or nipple with her razor sharp claws.

Now she can climb on me and claw away so long as it is over the padding.

But anyway, I once did a persuasive speech in college that involved women’s rights to go topless. 

The ban on nipples is something that the porn industry wants to keep in place because if nipples are no longer taboo and it is perfectly fine for them to be exposed all the time, then a good chunk of the porn market is lost because some people get their rocks off on looking at nipples and since they are considered “obscene” they aren’t as common a sight in public. Furthermore, by taking away this ban, people would become accustomed to the sight of breasts and nipples and therefore they would not be as big of a deal. In countries where women are allowed to go topless in public, the breasts are not as sexualized. Don’t get me wrong, men will still likely find them attractive, but there won’t be the negative social stigma and it will be more normal— which will be bad for the porn industry.

On the other side we have extreme prudes who think that showing cleavage is a horrible thing.

I still don’t really get why something that is used to feed babies could be considered obscene. Its not like it is shocking to babies or children…

The anti-nudity stuff is just silly and pointless.



Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal

Ok, I do feel bad if I accidentally hurt someone, but the second gif is about how I respond to accidentally hurting a pet. Well, if they are small enough I pick them up and snuggle them. Most of the time I pet them and then give them a treat to make it up to them.




Milo Manara - Storia dell’Umanità

Nothing has really changed but the rags which clothe us. Sex, death , the dices roll while rocks cover our graves.

This is rather interesting

I haven’t been able to eat pop tarts ever since I found caterpillars inside mine when I opened up a new box and started taking the “crust” on the sides off.

I haven’t been able to eat pop tarts ever since I found caterpillars inside mine when I opened up a new box and started taking the “crust” on the sides off.


plumbing vents for bathroom and for kitchen sink.


From Louisiana Plumbing Code 2013 edition involving plumbing vents and kitchen sinks.


First photo is the “Before” with my 20+ year old Kenmore garbage disposal and improper double S trap.

2nd is the “After” with the new Insinkerator Evolution 3/4HP compact model.

3rd is a rough sketch of the proposed changes before I found some parts.

4th is the sketch pasting in some parts and sketches of the lines that would link the parts.

5th shows the window above the sink in the way of the pipe on its upward journey.

Just as the killing of the four Palestinian boys on the beach or the near beating to death of Palestinian American Tariq Abu Khdeir couldn’t be ignored by the U.S. mainstream media, Israel’s overall policies of occupation, siege, blockade and dispossession are becoming harder and harder to ignore as well. So much so that celebrities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are compelled to join the conversation.

More celebrities have voiced support for Palestine than ever before. (via wilwheaton)

Yeah… Because celebrities are experts on politics and know what its like to live in the countries and be in the situations that these people are in. Because we know the lamestream media always presents an unbiased, factual, and accurate view of world events. They never prevaricate, edit things to take them out of context, or flat out prevaricate to the public. /sarcasm

Like I am going to take the word of some person who probably doesn’t have a clue WTF they are talking about over the word of someone who actually lives there and sees what is happening first hand….

Just because someone is famous and has an opinion, doesn’t mean that they are right or that their opinion/words should be given more weight than anyone else’s. 

Saying more celebrities are supporting Palestine reminds me of those commercials for “male enhancement” where they talk about how many people are buying the product (but not stating that said people are satisfied with the product or that it works).

They can support the Hamas all they want, but they (the celebrities) aren’t the ones who are having to constantly defend themselves from attacks all fucking day.







the most stressful post on this website

the paain

it hurts to look at

I get these ALL the time. In fact, I got one for about 5 minutes while trying to reblog the post. Satellite internet can suck sometimes.

Then you can add in all the “page not found” and “timed out” and other stuff…